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▪ Some earlier predictions: “The era of Corrosion Automata” (Guest editorial Materials Performance journal, 1993) …

▪ wants to preserve and offer access to an exclusive set of (legacy and) novel state-of-the art International Corrosion Information resources. High quality is the primary information selection criterion. The collection aims to be a demonstration of current e-book technology, and more … ▪ and the development of ‘ Active Books on Corrosion ’ are the result of several European R&D projects, supported by the European Commission; some in cooperation with the EFC (European Federation of Corrosion) and the international Chemical Process Industry. ▪ Co-workers on the projects received the 2001 NACE International – T.J. Hull Award for their pioneering work on the use of Advanced Information Processing technologies in the field of corrosion publications, as well as two NACE A.B.Campbell Awards. ▪ They also authored the first professional Hypertext and E-learning systems in the field of corrosion engineering: the ‘Active Library on Corrosion’ and the ‘NACE Basic Corrosion Course on CD - ROM’.

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